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Apoptosis: a review of programmed cell death.

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Toxicol Pathol 35, —, Cell , — Caspases: the executioners of apoptosis. Biochem J Pt 1 , 1—16 Rice ragged stunt virus-induced apoptosis affects virus transmission from its insect vector, the brown planthopper to the rice plant. Scientific reports 5, , Apoptosis in mosquito midgut epithelia associated with West Nile virus infection. Apoptosis 11, —, Rapid selection against arbovirus-induced apoptosis during infection of a mosquito vector. Manipulation of host cell death pathways during microbial infections. Cell Host Microbe 8, 44—54, RNAi-mediated crop protection against insects.

Trends Biotechnol 26, —, RNAi: Future in insect management. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology , S68—S74 Silencing abnormal wing disc gene of the Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri disrupts adult wing development and increases nymph mortality. Plos One 8, e, Citrus tristeza virus-based RNAi in citrus plants induces gene silencing in Diaphorina citri, a phloem-sap sucking insect vector of citrus greening disease Huanglongbing. Journal of biotechnology , 42—49 Non-transgenic RNAi technology to control insects on citrus.

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Florida Scientist 78, 5 Variety Experiments Total seeds No. Variety No. Confirmation of Gene Integration in T 0 , T 1 , and T 2 Transgenic Plants PCR analysis was performed to confirm the integration of the gene construct in three generations of transgenic plants. No Plants types No. Conclusion The molecular analyses performed in this study showed the positive integration of the RNAi gene construct in T 0 , T 1 , and T 2 generations.

Contributor Information Aneela Yasmeen, Email: moc. References 1. Dissemination of Bt cotton in cotton growing belt of Pakistan. Advancements in Life Sciences. First report of cotton leaf curl disease in central and southern Sindh province in Pakistan. Plant Disease. Biosafety assessment of transgenic Bt cotton on model animals. Genetics of resistance against cotton leaf curl disease in Gossypium hirsutum. Plant Pathology.


The breakdown of resistance in cotton to cotton leaf curl disease in Pakistan. Cotton leaf curl disease in resistant cotton is associated with a single begomovirus that lacks an intact transcriptional activator protein. Virus Research. Whitefly transmitted gemini virus and associated disorder in cotton: A review. Pakistan Journal of Phytopathology. Cotton leaf curl virus disease.

Specific and unspecific responses of plants to cold and drought stress. Journal of Biosciences. Suppressors of RNA silencing encoded by the components of the cotton leaf curl begomovirus-betasatellite complex. Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions. Mobilization into cotton and spread of a recombinant cotton leaf curl disease satellite. Archives of Virology. Kauter G. Cotton leaf curl virus study tour. Advancements in Life Science. Turkish Journal of Biology. RNAi-mediated resistance against cotton leaf curl disease in elite Indian cotton Gossypium hirsutum cultivar Narasimha.

Virus Genes. Ding SW, Voinnet O. Antiviral immunity directed by small RNAs. Ruiz-Ferrer V, Voinnet O. Roles of plant small RNAs in biotic stress responses. Annual Review of Plant Biology.

Mechanisms of Virus Neutralization

Hannon GJ. RNA Interference. Baulcombe D. RNA silencing. Trends in Biochemistry Sciences. Constructs and methods for Hairpin RNA-mediated gene silencing in plants. Methods in Enzymology. RNA silencing in plants. Voinnet O. RNA silencing as a plant immune system against viruses.

Trends in Genetics. PLOS One. Transgenic Research. Engineering resistance to geminiviruses—review and perspectives. Plant Biotechnology Journal. Transgenic strategies for developing crops resistant to geminiviruses. Plant Science. First transgenic geminivirus-resistant plant in the field. Nature Biotechnology. Molecular characterization of the first commercial transgenic common bean immune to the Bean golden mosaic virus. Journal of Biotechnology. Development of cotton transgenics with antisense AV2 gene for resistance against cotton leaf curl virus CLCuD via Agrobacterium tumefaciens.

Plant Cell Tissue Organ Culture. Isolation and identification of a super strong plant promoter from cotton leaf curl Multan virus. Plant Molecular Biology. The myth of plant transformation. Biotechnology Advances.

A rapid DNA isolation procedure for small quantities of fresh leaf tissue. Phytochemical Bullentin. Farooq, et al. An overview of cotton leaf curl virus disease CLCuD a serious threat to cotton productivity. Australian Journal of Crop Science. Southern EM. Detection of specific sequence among DNA fragments separated by gel electrophoresis. Journal of Molecular Biology.

Fast and efficient method to determine the position of alien genes in transgenic plants.

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Follow‑up study of HPV58 variants in women with incident HPV58 infection from a Colombian cohort

Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. Begomovirus evolution and disease management. Advances in Virus Research. Geminivirus disease complexes an emerging threat. Trends in Plant Science. Transgenic beans Phaseolus vulgaris L. Molecular Breeding. Virology Jounral.

Thapa, V. Turner, S. Hafenstein, B. Overton, K. Vanderwolf, M. Using a novel partitivirus in Pseudogymnoascus destructans to understand the epidemiology of white-nose syndrome. PLOS Pathogens e Min, B.

Virology Lectures 2019 #21: Evolution

Feldman, A. Ali, G. Wiley, V. Roe, M. Roossinck, U.

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Melcher, M. Palmer, R. Cloning, ecological and epidemiological analysis of a novel tymovirus in Asclepias viridis from Oklahoma. Phytopathology Stobbe, A. Palmer, M. Roossinck, and G.

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  7. Co-divergence and host-switching in the evolution of tobamoviruses. Feldman, T. Morsy, and M. Are communities of microbial symbionts more diverse than communities of macrobial hosts? Fungal Biology : Melcher, G. Wiley, A. Doust, M. Palmer, K. Roewe, B. Roe, G. Shen, and M.

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    Du, Z. Chen, W. Chen, Q. Liao, H. Zhang, Y. Bao, M. Roossinck, and J. Nuclearcytoplasmic partitioning of Cucumber mosaic virus protein 2b determines the balance between its roles as a virulence determinant and an RNA-silencing suppressor. Peyambari, M.