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Readers loved the writing, but some found themselves wanting more in terms of the romantic aspects.


It has a 3. Witty yet gruff British transplant Al is keeping himself employed and entertained by writing scathing reviews of local restaurants in the Milwaukee newspaper under a pseudonym. The review practically writes itself: underdone fish, scorched sauce, distracted service—he unleashes his worst. This bundle collects three full-length paranormal historical romances with shifters. Some enjoyed the paranormal elements mixed with the historical setting. However, others felt the romances were just okay and not much of a standout. Now find out why with the first three Lydia Dare books for one low price.

Simon Westfield, the Duke of Blackmoor, is rich, powerful, and sinfully handsome, and has spent his entire life creating scandal and mayhem. Young, beautiful witch Elspeth Campbell will do anything to help anyone who calls upon her healing arts. Then Lord Benjamin shows up, and she suddenly discovers she may need him even more than he needs her….

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Ever since their failed elopement years ago, Prisca Hawthorne has taunted, insulted, and in every way tried to push him away. Lord William throws himself into drinking, gambling, and debauchery and pretends not to care about Prisca at all. Can Prisca forgive the unforgivable, or are the moon-crossed lovers going to be forced into a battle of wills that could be fatal?

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Certain Wolfish Charm

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  • A Shifter Bundle, Historical Romance, & More.
  • Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. In Lydia Dare's debut trilogy, Regency England has gone to the wolves! Praised by readers and by reviewers as delivering "tension-packed romance Now find out why with the first three Lydia Dare books for one low price. The Duke of Blackmoor seemed to have plenty of time to gamble away his funds in one hell or another, race his phaeton along the old Bath road for sport, and spend every other waking hour enjoying the entertainments of one Mrs.

    Teresa Hamilton or visiting fashionable bawdy houses throughout Town. Not that Lily was terribly surprised. They were the same sorts of things he'd done for years, though she hadn't cared until now. Purple indeed. Lily sighed, looking at the boy. What was she to do with him? Especially when she couldn't get Blackmoor to even respond to one of her letters.

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    Of course, he sent funds every time she wrote him, though that was not what she asked for. Infuriating man! Did he even read her letters? The Maberley estate was not terribly far from London. Visiting Oliver would only interrupt his debauched lifestyle for a day or two at the most. Was that truly too much to ask of her nephew's guardian? After all, he hadn't seen the boy in years. There must be some way to get His Grace's attention.

    Perhaps if she picked up and went to London-. Food had been piled high in front of him just moments ago. Lily's eyes flashed to Oliver's plate, only to find it completely empty, as was the sideboard behind him. Not a crumb was left uneaten. Where had he gotten this appetite? It wasn't natural. And how could he possibly have devoured all the food in the room so quickly and quietly?

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    It was another one of the unexplained transformations she'd noticed in her nephew over the last month. You would do well to go over your Latin before Mr. Craven arrives. He never wanted to go over his Latin, which was a problem. According to Mr. Craven, his tutor, Oliver was far behind in that particular subject.

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    When he began his first term at Harrow in October, he'd need to do better. That was assuming Lily sent him off to school, and, at the moment, she didn't know if she could do so. It was one of the many things she needed to discuss with that scoundrel Blackmoor. The young earl stomped from the room in a manner she was getting unfortunately accustomed to. Just a month ago, Oliver had had the sweetest disposition. Now she barely recognized him.